2021 - 2022 Officer & Squad Leader Tryout Dates

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​Important Dates & Due Dates

All tryout forms & questionnaire

Due March 22nd BEFORE 3:50 pm


Lead Prep Classes

March 23rd & 25th


Poster & Teacher Evaluations 

March 26th

Poster will be hung up that morning.

Teachers turn in evaluations to my box before 3:50 pm.

Teachers do not give them back to you.


Officer & Squad Leader Tryout Week

April 12th - 16th

This also includes Squad Leaders doing their motivational activity with the team.


Officer & Squad Leader Team Interview/Speech

April 16th (Morning)


Officer & Squad Leader Tryout Day

April 16th (4:30 - TBD)


Officers Tryout Day Elements

1) Solo

2) Tryout Combo

3) Strut

4) Interview with Judges

Squad Leaders Tryout Day Elements

1) Interview with Judges

Attire for Tryout Day (4/16)

If you're trying out for both then you will wear your officer candidate attire the whole time. You do NOT need to change.


Squad Leader

  • Professional Attire for interview

Officer Candidate

  • Plain Black Exercise Tank Top or Leotard

    • Top must be form fitting and sleeveless

  • Plain Black Leggings

    • Must be full length, with no designs/holes

  • Jazz Shoes

    • Tan shoes only

  • Hair in a NEAT low bun

    • Hair must be hair sprayed back with no wispies

  • Performance Makeup with Red Lipstick

  • No nail polish


    • 1 pair of stud earrings are okay

  • Bring Your Own Water

  • Black Belles Mask

  • Assigned Number

    • You will be assigned a number on April 12th (the first day of tryout week)