Overlapping Triangles

The Sweethearts of College Station

Our Dance Officers

Avery Hutchison - Jr. Lieutenant
Kendall Waguespack - Captain
Jordan Reynolds - Jr. Lieutenant

Our Squad Leaders

Mia Lartigue 

Jade Williams

Avery Theis - Head Squad Leader

Genna Guerra

Molly Steiner

Old Paper Transparent
Golden Sparkles
Our Coach

Katelyn Ledbetter

Our Team

Front Row: Avery Hutchison, Kendall Waguespack, Jordan Reynolds

Second Row:  Addison Gallagher, Mia Lartigue, Avery Theis, Genna Guerra, Molly Steiner, Jade Williams

Third Row:  Bre'Anna Barnett - Manager, Alexia Rodriguez, Jadyn Warner, Erica Gritter, Allyse Anderson, Avery Barger, Addy Miller - Manager

Forth Row:  Dailee Loehr, Abby Stark, Abby Luca, Maddie Willson, Madison Crowley, Mariska Lingsweiler

Fifth Row:  Maddi Luedecke, Taylor  Stubbs, Eva Caverlee, Kenzie Colburn

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